New Photos

It’s been a while, but there are two new-ish photos available. Go on over to the gallery to check them out!

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Anyone Out There?

I thought the site was taken down or having issues so i stopped checking it. Is anyone still here?

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Video #2 Ideas

I’ve been trying to think of some topics/ideas to use for another video. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Throwback Thursday: In The Bedroom 2012-05-03

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Here is a photo set from the not-so-distant past. A few shots from the bedroom.



I sent some pictures to the admin because it wont let me upload. Not sure when he will be able to put them up. Sorry i haven’t been on very much. I picked up a second job so I’m working … Continue reading

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Beach Bound Soon!

There hasn’t been much change in my numbers though I am filling my bras up more- cleavage ftw! I have a few pictures to put up on my phone and I’ll be sure to take some while I’m at the beach.

I hope all is well with everyone.

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Quick Post

If you guys have some more questions I can probably do another video pretty soon! Just give me some things to talk about. We also have been working on some idea’s for a picture set.


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Video Response To Your Questions

Awhile back, we asked you to submit your questions to Demora. In return, she’d post a video response. I know it’s taken a little while. Demora was busy, and a little¬†nervous.¬†Well, the wait is over, here is the video! She … Continue reading

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Video Update!

Well, I just recorded the video and we are trying to find a way to slim it down a bit so we can upload it. Fair warning: I was really nervous (still shaking) so work with me and sorry that … Continue reading

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Oopsy At Work…

3 times at work today… My luck right.


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