2015-07-29 Measurements

I know I haven’t been posting much and I’m so sorry! Work is really kicking my butt right now. I will have some NoogleBerry pictures up in the next day or so. As for right now, I have some new measurements.


  • Below – 34
  • Bust – 40 1/2
  • Above – 37 1/2
  • Naked – 42


  • Below – 34
  • Bust – 41 1/2
  • Above – 36
  • Naked – 41

I figured it would be easier to see any change, if I put the most recent measurements as well as the one before it up. Let me know if you agree or would rather just the current measurements.

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1 Response to 2015-07-29 Measurements

  1. texasbigguns84 says:

    So happy to see more updates!!! I like keeping the old measurements up to track overall progress. Looking forward to more updates. Any chance as a form of tracking progress that you could model older bras and articles of clothing you are outgrowing?

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