We have an idea!

We are thinking about making an E Bra and seeing if I get any growth from it.


This is the site we saw it on.

What do ya’ll think?

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5 Responses to We have an idea!

  1. deluxemickey says:

    How would you begin to make such a thing? And the size of it, the electricity needed to vibrate your already huge endowments, call in NASA! LOL

    • Demora says:

      So far we have used the 3d printer to make a nub, connected it to a controller rumbler (took it out of an old one), and connected that to a 9 volt battery and switch. It’s definitely not beautiful but I didn’t want to ruin a $70ish bra for no reason.

  2. Demora says:

    I just saw the last part of your comment deluxemickey!! (Damn phone) You seriously made me spew water everywhere.

    Note to self: Do not, DO NOT! Take a drink before reading comments!

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