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Video #2 Ideas

I’ve been trying to think of some topics/ideas to use for another video. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Video Response To Your Questions

Awhile back, we asked you to submit your questions to Demora. In return, she’d post a video response. I know it’s taken a little while. Demora was busy, and a little¬†nervous.¬†Well, the wait is over, here is the video! She … Continue reading

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Video Update!

Well, I just recorded the video and we are trying to find a way to slim it down a bit so we can upload it. Fair warning: I was really nervous (still shaking) so work with me and sorry that … Continue reading

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Working On It

Hey everyone, I’m in the process of getting questions together (along with my courage) for the video. Any other questions are still welcome! Maybe if this works out well we can continue doing them. I’ll be doing measurements tonight.

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Post Your Questions!

Dear Fellow Members, Demora would like her members to submit questions, for her to answer. I know there are many questions that you guys are dying to ask. In return, she will do a blog, and possibly a video answering … Continue reading

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Gallery Moved

The photo gallery has been moved to a private location. You must have a membership with to view the pictures. Don’t worry, it’s free. Click here to join our free members area. Click here to access the members area.

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Brainstorming and Video Blog Ideas

Okay, since breast feeding is done for the most part, I will be starting up all the supplements again. Griev and I have been looking at the Noogleberry, and we feel it has some issues. We’re working on trying make … Continue reading

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