2015-06-12 New Pictures

Here are a couple new pictures of Demora. Stop by and tell her how amazing she looks! 20150612_170826-r 20150612_170742-r

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Minor Setback

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I was going to post what I was going to start trying for this round of supplements but ran into an issue…. My body is out of sorts and isn’t functioning normally in certain ways, so I’ve been to the … Continue reading

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A Few New Pictures!

Im going to upload a few new pictures. Some trying to find a new bra (also where my belly is now), after the black dress party at the bar I was helping at, and trying on a few dresses/shirt (I ended up getting the black dress and the black shirt.) If these pics jack up uploading let me know and I’ll see if the boss would be kind enough to fix them. Here’s one until I can get to the computer to upload the others into the gallery.


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Yep I’m Alive!

I’m back again, been working a lot lately and kinda fell off the wagon. Just to catch up a bit I had another child (final one) and had a small setback.. was in the triple DDD plus some and now back down to a DD. once my new regimen arrives I’ll post some info on what I plan to do to show those bra makers they can’t hold me! :p

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2015-05-06: New Photos

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Demora is ALIVE! She has sent over a few new photos, and she looks amazing! Check them out! http://www.hercupsrunnethover.com/members/gallery/index.php/2015-05-06-New-Photos

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New Photos

It’s been a while, but there are two new-ish photos available. Go on over to the gallery to check them out! http://www.hercupsrunnethover.com/members/gallery/index.php/2014-10-08-New-Photos

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Anyone Out There?

I thought the site was taken down or having issues so i stopped checking it. Is anyone still here?

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Video #2 Ideas

I’ve been trying to think of some topics/ideas to use for another video. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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Throwback Thursday: In The Bedroom 2012-05-03

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Here is a photo set from the not-so-distant past. A few shots from the bedroom. http://www.hercupsrunnethover.com/members/gallery/index.php/2012-05-03-In-The-Bedroom?page=1



I sent some pictures to the admin because it wont let me upload. Not sure when he will be able to put them up. Sorry i haven’t been on very much. I picked up a second job so I’m working … Continue reading

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